• Can you clearly explain your reason for being and can others in your company do the same?

• Knowledge of your customer and recognizing their needs should lead your every decision.

Everyone is online and mobile, news and opinions both good and bad travel fast, this is a great opportunity to foster loyalty and profit from trusted recommendation.

• Difference is key, knowing and articulating this difference can make the difference! 

• Compelling stories inspire people and attract loyalty. 

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    Lingo is an international consultancy specializing in business investment and development, strategic brand communications, place branding and diplomacy.
    We initiate by listening and evaluating your needs in order to develop robust strategic connections; opening the doors that will bring new investment, advance plans, create communication networks and deploy to target.

    Sometimes it simply takes an introduction to a key individual
    • Washington policymakers 
    • Corporate executives
    Other times, presentation materials are required
    • Annual reports 
    • Digital presentations 
    • Branded environments
    • Image films
    • Media kits and marketing collateral
    Then, the right people need to hear your communications
    • Campaign design
    • Press release
    • Press conference 
    • Editorials for print, TV and online 
    • Social media rollout
    • Profile building
    • Rebranding
    Sometimes you simply need investment
    • Individual investors 
    • Consortia investors
    • Business angels
    • Venture capital
    Nothing substitutes proper research
    • Market studies 
    • Feasibility studies
    • Corporate matchmaking studies
    and to win that next round of bidding
    • Corporate supplier proposals
    • US and EU proposals for public tenders
    Lingo would like to assist you in expanding your business locally and internationally...naturally.